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Clare Shaw

People always question how I get such energy in my paintings with just pencils but I believe this is down to really getting to know my subject and studying them intently until that exact colour is finally matched. Also I honestly believe I have the best job in the world and I am so passionate about what I do it is transferred into my paintings.

I am becoming more and more established within the hunting and shooting field. This means that my work is now gracing the walls of many commercial and privately owned shoots in their shoot rooms and private houses. This year I have launched a collection of pure British made silk scarves, I believe there was a gap in the market for a brightly coloured, vibrant accessory. These have been incredibly popular and I am hoping to launch a range of mens silk ties next year.

I do not have to travel far to encounter my subjects in their natural environment. I see cheeky partridge, fighting pheasants, running, boxing and leaping hare on a daily basis.

  • Meet my team

    I couldn't get by without them!

  • Will

    Soul Mate

    Will is my beloved.... he is so patient and supportive in everything I do and has especially encouraged and given me confidence around my career. He is always coming up with fresh ideas and suggesting new areas for me to pursue in order to become more established. We both love fishing and shooting which is where we unwind, laugh, have great banter and be with close friends as often as we can ... in a nutshell ...he's my soul mate

  • Daisy

    Chief of Inspiration

    Daisy is not only my daughter but also my best friend. She's honest, enthusiastic and just a joy to be around. Daisy is so proud of my work and will often tell her friends all about a new piece I'm doing. She also tells me when I'm going wrong or if the painting is "rubbish"! Daisy inspires me, motivates me and keeps me sane. She's a real country girl, happiest in her wellies, walking the dogs, playing with the chickens and most recently waist high in the river catching salmon. That's how children should be

  • Winnie


    Winnie is our middle dog... so big, soft, cuddly she is just a great big bear. Loves to go shooting although not the best in the field but she has a very very good time. Swimming is her passion, as is sitting with me all day while I paint

  • Florence


    Florence is the newest addition to the team. Still a pup and learning the ropes but possible the most adorable Labrador I've ever met. So naughty, so funny and ever so sweet.

  • Noodle

    Little ginger terrier (breed unknown)

    Yes ... noodle is our smallest and oldest member of the pack . She is also in charge which for such a little dog is hilarious. Both labradors are scared of her. Noodle is a rescue dog and we have had her since a pup. People always ask what breed she is and I say " a Noodle" she's just a Noodle !!


Clare Shaw Fine Art & Designs

Lincolnshire based wildlife and field sports artist who specialises in giving each of her subjects a modern twist and their own unique personality.